Corporate Analysis

A corporate analysis is a key part of every company’s efforts in successfully positioning in the extremely competitive market. A realistic assessment of strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and possible risks forms the basis for evaluation of the company’s prospects. Such strategic approach, along with a sound stakeholder analysis, allows identifying and breaking the bottlenecks at an early stage.

No Business Strategy without Corporate Analysis

A detailed analysis of all relevant marketing data gives a clear answer to what opportunities and threats should be considered when optimising business processes. In this respect, a huge potential has the SWOT analysis that provides all information required for a professional marketing plan. Knowing who the competitors are, what opportunities the market offers, where to create demand, and where to occupy certain market niches, is of existential significance for every company and creates the necessary transparency.

The SWOT analysis is divided into the following areas:

  • Where to identify the company’s special internal strengths
  • What weaknesses to overcome in the internal organisation
  • Where to find external opportunities offered in the market
  • What external threats has the company to take into account

A detailed evaluation of those data allows weighing opportunities and threats, simultaneously showing possible solutions to minimize weaknesses and providing a good basis for setting the company’s strategic objectives. A sound stakeholder analysis gives an insight into the competitors, their products and pricing policy. In addition, regional and international conditions are an integral part of the entrepreneurial thought process leading to an optimal, resourceful business organisation.

Remaining One Step Ahead of the Competition

Besides marketing strategies contributing towards the company’s success, employer management and leveraging the human resources, a well-functioning controlling, perfect location, the latest technology inventions and competent management are indispensable for positioning against competition. The goal-oriented and intelligent corporate analysis can enhance competitiveness, market share while securing steady employment.

The competition can be measured by the following criteria:

  • Positioning in the market
  • Market share in total and in segment
  • Benchmark studies show the exact status
  • Pricing policy
  • Product placement

Perfect Reporting and Permanent Analyses

In this way, every entrepreneur can realise where his business venture is to be positioned in the market, what are the strengths and weaknesses, what are the opportunities to grow, and how to reduce or eliminate possible threats and at what cost. The more detailed corporate analysis, the more transparent information is provided on how to proceed. Even successful companies rely on permanent reporting system. As a rule, an inventory is performed on a monthly or even daily basis, if the situation so requires.

Corporate Analysis as Strategic Instrument

The corporate analysis enables to assess all components across the company, providing a clear picture of the situation. The strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats are identified and carefully analysed. In this way, the corporate analysis plays its role and makes sure that all steps are taken when setting strategic plan for marketing, controlling, production, purchasing and procurement, human resources planning, and management. The targets along with permanent control of all corporate activities should ensure that any deviations from the original plan can be identified and revised.

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